IT's here It's finally here. The last meaningful game til september.

I don't want to put too much on this as it's just 1 game. I had a good year with my record as of now
81-58 +72.45*

Here we go

4* Over 43.5

15* Carolina +0.5, over 37.5

Props (i know such a waste but why not)
1* Will there be a successful 2pt conversion. YES +370
2* over 5 sacks +103
1* stewart rushing yards over 68.5
3* CJ Anderson rush attempts over 13.5 -141
1* Cam Score a TD (rush) YES EV

I think the panthers win this. Vegas is no fool they have these numbers set for a reason and with all the cash flooding into the carolina side they could take a bath. They have several weekends this year already so I won't (and never do) make a pick based on that however it does make me hesitant to think a moment longer.

If the broncos can get the ball first and take it slow and steady with lots of runs and dinks they can chip away on carolina. The key is keeping that offense from exploding especially early on. Have Cam watch the first drive and build up some tension. If they can score even a FG that first blood would make a large difference especially with the defense denver has. They will bring pressure and that presence early on, once again early is key will make a massive difference even if it tails off in the 2nd half.

But the panthers have multiple options on offense despite a lackluster WR core. They can run it with stewart or cam, power it up for a small gain with tolbert, olsen is a beast all over the field and Ginn can come out of the smoke downfield... to drop a sure thing. Their defense has weakness in the secondary outside of Norman who can't be everywhere and keuchly. Lucky for them Peyton hasn't had a strong arm and Thomas has been human nearly all season. Sanders will give them the most trouble and IF the they can get the run game going it will force the panther's D to be thin in the middle for sanders and maybe daniels to get some small yardage. They will need to keep calling those run plays though even if they don't get a lot of yardage.

In the end I think the Panthers get up on denver and the broncos just aren't able to catch up. I'm happy with a tease and an over along with some beers and buddies.

Be safe everyone, enjoy the game!