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    NBA or College Basketball: In-game or Halftime totals wagering

    For in-game or Halftime totals wagering, do close games tend to go over or under? And blowouts? Do they tend to stay under or go over?

    I also notice that sometimes a game will get off to a slow start or a fast start and the Books will not always adjust the original total number that much too soon and that can make for some good opportunities.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    I used to do a lot of NBA in-game and HT spreads and totals. I'd be careful with unders that start out fast, especially when they start jacking the total up. That may be obvious I guess,
    but it's easy to get caught up in a scoring burst and expect it to continue.
    However, overs that start out slow can be profitable. Like you mentioned, it depends on whether the line is moving much. If not, you can assume the books think the game will
    adjust back towards the expected outcome. I think in-game is the way to go though as you can get lots of potential middles as the game swings. HT they can make adjustments and as you
    know the 1st and 2nd halfs can be totally opposite.


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