"Mock Hilton/Westgate Rules"

This contest will be modeled as closely as possible after the "Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest"...........$50.00 entry fee.

#1 NFL sides only. Contestants must select five teams per week, per entry. Contestants may not select both sides of the game.

#2 We will use the official Hilton line which I will post by Wednesday evening.

#3 The Posting deadline for the Sunday and Monday games is Saturday by 12:00 Midnight EST. Please read rule #7 for Wed, Thurs. and Sat. games.

#4 All picks must be posted in one post. In the event you're unable to post your picks because of technical problems please email them to rockets101@aol.com

#5 No corrections or editing of picks is allowed.......be careful, it will result in a 0-5 for the week.

#6 This contest will run for the regular season of 17 weeks @ 5 picks per week = 85 total picks. 1 point for a win and 1/2 point for a tie.

#7 The Wednesday-Thursday-Saturday rule: If you're using a Wed, Thurs. and or Sat. game in your picks then all picks must be posted in one post at least one hour before the earliest NFL scheduled kick off time. See rule number 4.

#8 Tie Breaker Rule: In the final two weeks of the Mock Hilton contest (weeks 16 & 17) the top 5 contenders must email their picks to bettorsworld@gmail.com Picks will be posted after the Saturday 12:00 o'clock deadline. If a tie still exists after week 17 we will take it into the NFL Playoffs.

#9 Top five winners payout: 40%, 25%, 20%, 10%, 5%

#10 Winners will be asked to verify payment before prize money is released.

#11 Entries are unlimited at $50.00 per entry.