I really haven't looked at much of this until recently but here are a few of my early thoughts:

The East seems to clearly be a three horse race between Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Tennessee has all the hype this year and they are loaded but they have to learn how to beat Florida. All three have fairly easy SEC schedules.

Everyone is giving Bama at least another shot at the national championship but they easly have the hardest of the SEC schedules. Road games at Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee, and LSU. Also, can they break in another untested qb again? LSU has LF at running back but they have to be able to pass the ball to win it. If they can, they will.

My picks are LSU (because of Bama's schedule) and Florida with LSU winning the SEC.

My darkhorse pick is Arkansas.

Thoughts or comments are welcome!

Can't wait to get going!