Just thought I'd start a thread to chat about what you guys like each week and also maybe break down why you took who you did on the college GOW.

We have a lot of sharp guys in here so might as well make some money together as we compete.

My fav play of the day on Thursday is WAKE FOREST -14 over Tulane. Wake is one of my under the radar teams this year with a good group back. Tulane always stinks and will be no different this year it does not look like from what I've read.

Wake -13.5 (bought 1/2) is my Thursday play of the day. Would have played it in the contest actually but has a stale line of +17 as somebody must like Tulane more than me?

For Thursday I Also like:
Rice +17 over West. Kentucky
South Carolina +5.5 over Vandy --Seems like a sucker bet but have to take the points in a low scoring game.

Everyone is all over the OVER in the Minny.Oregon State game too and that has risen to 56 from 51.5 opener. Fezzick and Nover both have big plays on them if you watch any of the so-called "pros".

Good Luck and please choime in!