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    The Black Cat's 128K Picks of 2016

    In case you didn't notice, the week 1 picks are up in the Handicapping Corner and I'm off to the races for 2016!

    Here you will find not only some sort of explanation for my Hilton Contest Picks (1st place 2015),
    but a couple other picks and my generally unique and often insightful takes on the NFL from week-to-week!

    I've been running this column free of charge since around 2000 courtesy of Bettorsworld, and I've been running the
    column in this format for about 10 years now. After a few up-and-down years, I started slow in 2015 before catching
    fire and have not looked back! Enjoy, and thanks for participating in the #1 Gambling Forum in the World.

    - TheBlackCat

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    Good stuff as always.

    Thanks for sharing each year!


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