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    College foots Saturday discussion

    Had a hard time narrowing down my gow play this week but landed on Georgia.

    Other games I played:

    Iowa state +17 over Baylor

    West Virginia ml over k state

    Georgia tech +8 over Miami.

    A couple more later.

    Any other strong plays for you guys?

    Rr sec plays??

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    Also played:

    U mass +3 over Tulane.

    Clemson +3 (bought points) over Louisville.

    Can see it being a doggy, upset kind of day today.

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    You don't want my SEC picks or any other for that matter. I am sucking wind this year. I took Tenny today, then I saw you took Georgia. I like your odds. lol. I like your WV play. As far as the SEC today, I liked Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee. Lean toward AM also. But I stink and I haven't took the time like I have in previous years to study the games and it shows...

    Good luck friend!


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