ok.... the B-man # 2 wins 1st place prize with 52 points (Great Job)

Bama25 and Bobomax tie for 2nd place with 47 points. One will end up in 2nd place and one will end up in 3rd place depending on tiebreakers.

Widestrides # 2, Never Lose #2 and The Hamburger in a tie for 4th place all with 46.5 points. One will end up in 4th place, one will end up in 5th place and one will end up with a broken heart depending upon tiebreakers.

Post all 4 picks by 12:00 Noon pm est Saturday..............or email them to me at: rockets101@aol.com and I will post them after the deadline.

Oakland @ Houston -3.5

Detroit @ Seattle -8

Miami @ Pittsburgh -10

NY Giants @ GB -4.5

#8 Tie Breaker Rule: In the final two weeks of the Mock Hilton contest (weeks 16 & 17) the top 5 contenders must email their picks to bettorsworld@gmail.com Picks will be posted after the Saturday 12:00 o'clock deadline. If a tie still exists after week 17 we will take it into the NFL Playoffs.

#9 Top five winners payout: 40%, 25%, 20%, 10%, 5%