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    I will start off stating one of my worst years in the last 13. Made a modification that swung too much towards the dogs.

    Corrected half-way through season. Hoping to see better results come playoffs and next year.

    OAK +4 (I would leave this one off, with QB issues on both sides. My system can't measure this one accurately,
    but have the Texans by -3...so take the extra point with the RAIDERS.

    DET +8 I have this game in my system at Seahawks -4.5. Take the extra points and go with the Lions.

    MIA +10.5 I have this game at -8.5. Leaning to the Dolphins on the road, getting the running game going
    and go with the +10.5 .

    GB -5: I have the Packers at -6. Back to back road games, leaving the Giants a little jet lag.

    Good luck...Dinger

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    Better recalc that system with these picks. Looks like 1-3 to me.

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    I am going to be all dogs this weekend I think. One of the dogs will win SU--Most likely the Giants.

    Oeswiler blows for Houston. Not much better than Cook in my opinion.

    Detroit is going to make it game. I can see them stealing a win even in Seattle.

    Miami will hang around. Just too many points there as long as Moore is the QB for Mia.

    I am not sold on Green Bay at all. Of the dogs, I see NYG winning SU. ---Too bad I am opposite of you on this one. Green Bay got hot but I still think they can be beat, but thats with Eli not pissing it down his leg like he usually does



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