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    WILD CARD: 1-3

    My system has been leaning dogs most of the year, and again last week got killed.

    Made an adjustment, in hopes to balance it out in the recipe.

    Here we go again.

    ATLANTA -4.5: System loves the Falcons to win big (-10.5). Seahawks traveling +2,000 miles and Falcons off a bye week.

    Houston +16: I have the Patriots at -10. I think the Houston secondary can keep this game within 16.

    Kansas City -1.5: My number is really close on this game at -2. I'm guessing a late FG wins this game for either team.

    Green Bay +4: I have the line at Dallas -1. The Packers coming in hot.

    At least I have two favorites this week. I will need to get hot the last 3 weeks to turn this year from Red to Black in profits.

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    Green Bay- Rodgers is on a mission-Take GB and the points.

    NE by 27 over Houston-total mismatch here.

    PITT loves to run the ball- KC is awful in defending the run-Look for Pitt to run all day. PITT by 7

    ATL vs SEATTLE- A real coin toss- No bet

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    Favs all won and covered last week...Dogs are all worth a look this week I think. But I said that last week too...

    Green Bay is the most valuable dog I think too.

    I think KC is pretty undervalued going in. Huge coaching edge to Reid. Tomlin is an idiot (see leving ben in too long?). He chokes at crucial times too.
    Ben could be out and Bell can carry them, I agree. Should be a good one in KC!

    I think Atlanta cruises over Seattle. Seattle is hurting for playmakers, Atlanta is not.


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