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    Picks for the divisional round

    I haven't attempted to make predictions for the past 2 years on here but here goes.

    Seattle +4.5 - Seattle has already beaten this team once. Atlanta did make the game interesting but not until the 3rd Q when Seattle came out of HT with a 17-3 lead.
    Maybe they got a little complacent having shut down the Atlanta offense in the 1st H? Anyway, they got it back together and pulled out W. In the other 3 Q's Atlanta only
    managed a total of 3 pts. The Seahawks had a few key inactives that week with S Kam Chancellor, DE Frank Clark (10 sacks) and Thomas Rawls all out. Russell Wilson was still
    banged up and he is healthy now.
    Seattle was just 3-4-1 on the road, and much has been made of that, but they did beat the Pats on the road in week 10 so I think you can throw that stat out especially considering
    3 of Atlanta's 5 losses came at home.
    New England -16 - The Pats beat Miami last week on the road by 21 pts and I don't think Houston is any better than the Dolphins, and the week before that they beat
    the Jets by 38. Oh...and by the way....the Pats demolished Houston at home in week 3 by a score of 27-0....with Brissett at QB no less. Osweiler had a 60.6 QB rating in that
    game. I'd be surprised if Houston even makes it to 10 pts in this game.
    Pittsburgh +2.5 - The Steelers hit a rough patch there in the middle of the season but have now won 8 games in a row and out-scoring opponents by a margin of
    430-133 while doing it. They also beat the Chiefs early in the season by a score of 43-14. In that game both of KC's TD's came in garbage time after they trailed 36-0.
    The Chiefs have nobody who can compare with Big Ben, LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown. About the only thing KC has going for them is home field but they did lose to both
    Tampa Bay and Tennessee there in the regular season. I think the Steelers win SU at Arrowhead.
    Dallas -4 - This is a tough one. The Cowboys have lost just 1 home game all year and that was Dak Prescott's first start in the pro's ever and the loss was by a single point. Both of these
    teams are decent against the rush but the Packers haven't seen many top notch rushing offenses...except maybe against these same Cowboys in week 6 where they lost at
    home by 2 TD's and gave up 191 rushing yards. Both secondaries can be vulnerable though and this is projected to be a shoot-out with a total set at 52. I'll go with Dallas
    though as they have had a week off....2 weeks actually since they pretty much rested in the last regular season game, whereas this will be GB's 15th game in a row without
    a break.

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    They look good to me..

    Although that may not be good for you considering my year. lol

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    I tend to like a team and then dish up a pretty good story to justify it..... ha ha. So take it with a grain of salt. I'm sure someone could make up a pretty good story
    in favor of the opposite teams that would sound equally compelling.


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