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Hey everyone,

Hope your summers are going well.......

The biggest issue with the pay pal is that my pay pal account is a business account and the contests kinda mess me up come tax time. Especially since a contest
like the Hilton doesn't pay out until Feb. It just makes it more difficult to do the books and my accountant wants to strangle me.

We could use Venmo. Ever hear of it? You can use a debit card or bank account, to send
money. Venmo is owned by Pay pal.

Let me know if you want to go that route and I'll sign up for an account right away. (Everyone else would have to sign up as well I guess)

Whatever we need to do to eliminate the hassle for you that you described with Accounting I'm very confident that ALL longtime participants of The Mock Hilton Contest will be totally fine with doing. Easy to understand, the hassles that get made for you and the massive Support you've given us for so long is appreciated. Vemeo or whatever, Money Order or Check thru mail, whatever is OK by me I just hope we can have that contest again this year cuz I have others I've told about it who wanna take part, I certainly do and many others here the same.