The Pro Football Game of the Week contest is simple. Pick ONE PRO FOOTBALL game per week, against the spread or total. The winner is the contestant with the most wins at the end of the season.

This contest is held in our main Bookies Hell posting forum. Picks are posted in the appropriate thread each week, and standings are generally posted by Wednesday morning.

Official Rules (please read closely as the rules have been modified from last year):

1. The contest will run from Week 1 (September 7, 2017) through the Super Bowl.

2. Your pick may include any game scheduled during the Pro Football week (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday game). However, you are only allowed one pick per Pro Football week.

3. Players in this contest will post one pick per week using the line listed Wednesday morning at a major online sportsbook (lines will be posted by Wednesday for weeks with Thursday games). If more than one pick is posted by a contestant, the first pick will be used. Editing picks will not be allowed. Once your pick is posted it is official.

4. If a game is posted as "OFF" when lines are posted by Wednesday, it will remain "OFF" for the entire week, even if the side and total are subsequently posted by a Sportsbook later in the week. Posting a game that is "OFF" will be counted as a loss.

5. The contestant may pick a SIDE or TOTAL!!!

For games any day of the week (Monday-Sunday): Pick must be posted one hour before the first game of the day's scheduled kickoff time. SEE THE POSTED POINT SPREAD FOR THE EXACT DEADLINE TIMES. No exceptions are made for the late game of the day and for Sunday regular season games no exceptions are made for 4:05, 4:25, and Sunday night football games. No exceptions are made for playoff games (week 18 through week 21), ALL GAMES MUST BE POSTED ONE HOUR BEFORE THE FIRST GAME OF THE DAY'S SCHEDULED KICKOFF!

7. Should in the event the website is down, you must email your pick to in accordance with Rule 6, deadline for posting a pick.

8. Not posting a pick for the week WILL be counted as a loss.

9. Win (1 point), tie/push (1/2 point), and loss (0 point) will be recorded and posted generally no later than Thursday morning of the concluded week.

10. If you enter after week 1, that counted as a loss to the contestant.

11. Season ending tiebreakers, if necessary, will be addressed at that time.

1st Place: $430.00
2nd Place: $160.00
3rd Place: $60.00

This is a FREE contest this year too! THANKS BETTORSWORLD FOR THE PRIZE MONEY!!