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    The leaders wants let up!!!

    2-0 again this week. Nice job guys.

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    Miami +9.5

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    Fins +9.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by widestrides View Post
    Lotta love for the Bills due to that +3 sucker line.

    Washington also drew a lot of picks off of their win last week in Seattle.

    You just can't trust the NFL week to week. Except New England of course. They show up prepared to play every week. I hate them, but admire them. It's looking like it will be New England vs New Orleans. Maybe the Eagles. No one else has a complete team. Injuries or holes in some part of the offense or defense.
    The Saints historically aren't a great road team, Buffalo was 4-0 at home, temperature near freezing...IDK, it looked like a really nice spot for the home dog :^ /


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