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    Marine Corps Birthday- 224 years 11-10-2017

    On November 10, 1775 a Few Good men gathered at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia they called themselves MARINES.

    Today that tradition lives strong. This Proud force First to Fight for Right and Freedom is on Americas 911 speed dial.

    Please join me in wishing the Marine Corps a Happy 224th Birthday.


    I served 10 years in the Marines left a GySgt E-7 so it's kinda of important to me.

    Happy Birthday Marines.

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    Happy Birthday Marine!!!!

    Carpet. Hopefully the picture of the Marine Birthday Cake we had at a work ceremony yesterday is attached. I was going to send video of the band playing your song as well, but don't think videos download. At any rate, from a retired Air Force NCO to a Marine, Happy Birthday and thank you for your Service! Happy Veteran's Day!!! HAND SALUTE!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Marines and Thank You for your sacrifice.


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