Please sign up here if you are interested in doing a Mock Hilton contest this year here in the forum.

I will run it if we can get enough guys.

$50 per entry.

Max. 2 entries per person.

Pay pal or check/money order payment. (I will hold money if you guys are good with that?)

payouts TBD

If we get enough in, I would like to do a small "mini-contest for the last 4 weeks for those out of the running. Maybe just $50 'win your entry fee back' type of thing for those who are out of the stadings late. I know they do this on the real contest.

Please state if you would like to be in and we can get a a head count.

I see a few in the other thread already but please make a note here too please so I can get an accurate count.


(If I do this one and we still have a NFL GOW contest, can someone please run that? I did it last year, but this will be extra and would rather concentrate on it and keep it very up to date for all)