This thread will be the official thread to sign up and will contain details on how to pay your entry + ruls of the contest.

I am working out details now and will finalize where to send money and how I am going to go about it. I want to be careful posting my contact info on here + pay pal address to stay under their radar with all the fraud that goes on any more so will have a 2-step process to get info and payment details.

I will hold all money and will main contact/moderator of the contest.

-Payments can be made 2 ways: Check/money order by mail or by pay pal.

-$50 entry with limit of 2 entries.

-Pick 5 games each week against the spread from the posted lines.

-We are going to keep the name "MOCK HILTON" for nostalgia purposes!

We will use the lines and rules from the real super contest. (although we may change the deadline to most picks by an hour)

I will be back with more details. For now, I will continue the list here for people planning to play so we can get appx. numbers.