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    You Tell Me Please /Jets-Miami

    Hi NFL Handicappers, just wondering about this (i find interesting) scenario

    The Game is on National TV Coast to Coast
    Everyone watches the Jets demolish the Lions on the ROAD
    Now This Week they are playing their Home Opener
    They are playing Divisional game against one of Last Year's 2017 pathetic teams
    Most Books Understand there is all kinds of Talk and Hype by the Public and the Media about the Jets
    and their outstanding new QB
    As well There is the traditional enthusiastic Big Time New York Betting Market

    And Yet the most Respect playing at Home they can get is to be a 2 1/2 point favorite at most of the biggest books
    (5Dimes, WagerWeb, Pinnacle and all the other bigs)

    Could You tell me am i correct in playing Miami as one of my stronger plays today, Thx

    (just wanted to contribute hoping maybe to help anyone who may of been leaning that way)

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    I like the dolphins quite a bit too. This is the type of play I look for in the nfl.
    Overreaction in week 1, especially Monday night football.

    Letís cash it!

    Wish I would have used them in the mock contest but the 2.5 scared me off a bit.

    I bought it to +3 at my book.

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    Nice analysis and good job gentlemen !! You guys were spot-on with this one. I tend to think along the same lines mostly. Nothing is ever as easy as it looks in the NFL. Keep up the good work !!!

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    The Jets admitted they were able to steal Staffords signals, unless that was BS. I don't care how bad a defense you are, if you know what's coming you can do what the Jets did. The books knew this and baited the public with a low spread on the home favorite.


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