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    Skybook Guest
    I have no interest in you calling me. We have
    learned never to take anything you say serious as a bookmaker. I cant say it any better then MAD DOG but ill try. IF you want to post here as a bookmaker be a man , step up , be proud of whatever book you answer the phones for and tell us which this is. If not dont post as a bookmaker post unknown as all the bettors do.
    If you worked at any book I would have respect for anyway you would have been damn proud to say which one it is. Wow the book you work for is on the cream of the crop list. So are 50 others and thats the problem in itself. Skybook does not need you to defend us either we can handle ourselves. We are men. I say who i am and what i think . i dont hide behind a false name like yours making claims to be a bookmaker.
    Finally I asked you a simple question after seeing various posts by you. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU WITH. If you didnt want to respond you didnt have to. If you wanted to remain unknown you could have told me simply that. Instead yoy choose to respond with an unfounded cheap shot and then remain in hiding. Do yourself a favor dont call me

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    krackman Guest
    Can you tell me what amounts you will be taking this baseball season ? (sides and totals)

    If any of my books that had 10 cent lines go to 20 cent I will be pulling my $ out and sending it to 10 cent shops.

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    Skybook Guest

    The minimum bet we take by phone is $25.
    As far as a maximum. I am really flexible. I limit the syndicates to 7 dimes a side and 3 dimes a total most of the time. Otherwise if its not them I let the players play really high.
    Hope that helped
    Take care Lance

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    Jul 1999
    Im curious as to don bests thoughts on this subject.Do they want a 20 cent line? Why would they care? Since they frequent this forum,it would be nice to hear from a respected voice.If books decide to go to a wide line,they can open up at 11:00 stick out a 5.5-6.5 line,have one or 2 clerks write one way action and never move the line.Im exaggerating but not by much.Whats next, the american puck line only?Either book bases like skybook and sports market or close after the NBA ends and open up for football.Anybody who bets into the wide line has no chance,not 1%,zero.I dont care if you handicap(zero chance) or play offscreen numbers and let the number dictate your decision (minimal chance at best)..either way 20 cent lines are not to be tolerated.

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    Skybook Guest
    BRETT and anyone else who came in to say you like seeing me post I thank you.
    MADDOG your post really made me feel good. It showed me exactly what you said and I feel about this forum.
    I am not going to Costa Rica but if you want to get together in new yorkwhile im home i would love it. Get in touch with me if you can get together.
    Thanks again guys. I will keep posting and I will do it as a bookmaker with my name and my company. I will never hide who I am and make claims to be something I am not.
    If anyone needs me you can reach me at
    888 SKYBOOK
    thats 888 SKYBOOK
    or SKYBOOK1@AOL.com
    SKYBOOK1 @aol.com
    Or our emergency number
    Lets review
    Take care guys I hope you enjoy my sarcasm and humor as well as my intelligent and educational posts.
    "Dan, Dan , Dan, dont ever lose your sense of humor Dan" Thats from the movie About last night. I loved that movie
    Talk to you later Lance

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