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    LT's SportsBeat
    By the LT Profits Sports Group

    Don't Forget About These 75 per cent-plus MLB Systems!

    Well, the NFL Pre-Season has begun, and the regular season NFL opener is less than one month away. Itís at this time of year that many bettors lose interest in Baseball as they set their sights toward the pigskin. However, those that ignore MLB at this time of year are making a big mistake, as now may be the best opportunity to get some relatively soft lines, especially on days when Football is being played.

    We have tracked quite a few MLB Systems that are hitting at over 75 per cent, and we see no reason to stop playing on these just because the NFL has kicked off. After all, money is money, and we have found that there are more 75 per cent-plus angles in MLB than in other sports. Here are some of our favorite MLB angles that should continue to turn a profit over the last month and a half of the season:

    Arizona over Cincinnati (14-0, 100 per cent): That's right, the Diamondbacks simply have the Reds' number, winning the last 14 head-to-head meetings. These clubs played a three-game series this week, so this angle will be either 15-0 or 14-1 by the time you read this.

    Jason Jennings at HOME (Team Record 10-0, 100 per cent): Who says Coors Field is a Hitter's Paradise? Well, it is, but Jennings has somehow managed to pitch better in high altitude that at sea level.

    AGAINST Anaheim on Road when Total is 10 - 10 Ĺ (12-1, 92.3 per cent): Hey, we just report this stuff! Your guess is as good as ours as to why this one works, but we'll keep riding the Money Train.

    Against Shawn Estes in August (10-1, 90.9 per cent): Put another way, Estes' teams are 1-10 in all of his August starts the last few years. Apparently, he wears down at a higher rate than many other pitchers. You still have about three weeks to take advantage of this one.

    Russ Ortiz vs. teams over .500 (9-1, 90.0 per cent): Sure, this has a lot to do with Ortiz's Atlanta teammates simply outslugging opposing teams. Still, Ortiz apparently gets up for the better teams and pitches well enough against them to give the Braves a chance. This one is more playable on the road, as you may actually get plus odds on occasion.

    AGAINST Devil Rays in third game of a series (30-4, 88.2 per cent) AGAINST Tigers in third game of a series (28-7, 80.0 per cent): We lump these together because they are the exact same angle for 2 lousy teams. We have found some surprisingly nice value on occasion fading Tampa Bay at home in Game three of a series. The same cannot really be said for fading the Tigers in that same circumstance home or away, but at 28-7, even laying -300 would be profitable!

    AGAINST Daryl May in Road Night Games (14-2, 87.5 per cent): Apparently, May is not a very nocturnal person when he hits the road. It doesn't help that he has a weak bullpen behind him.

    San Francisco HOME vs. left-handed starting pitchers (13-2, 86.7 per cent): This one is self-explanatory.

    Roy Halladay on the Road (19-3, 86.4 per cent): This is a nice money generator, as the odds on Halladay on the road are not nearly as prohibitive as when he starts at Sky Dome.

    AGAINST John Lackey on the Road (12-2, 85.7 per cent): Apparently, Lackey was just a flash in the pan in his rookie season last year.

    Danny Stark when team is off of a win (12-2, 85.7 per cent): What's that, two Colorado pitchers with Play ON angles? The times they are a changin'.

    Bartolo Colon when team has lost at least three straight (12-2, 85.7 per cent): This is the true definition of a Stopper, as Colon's teams have very few long losing streaks as long as he takes the ball every fifth day.

    Atlanta UNDER vs. St. Louis (14-3, 82.4 per cent): We just cashed a few nice tickets on this one this past weekend!

    Kyle Lohse HOME vs. Division (13-3, 81.3 per cent): Granted, a division that has Detroit and Cleveland is no great shakes, but at a 81.3 per cent win rate, who cares?

    Garret Stephenson in August (13-3, 81.3 per cent): This is the polar opposite of Shawn Estes, as Stephenson generally gets stronger as the season goes along.

    Tim Hudson HOME (51-13, 79.7per cent): Amazingly, this is Oakland's home record in all of Hudson's home starts throughout his CAREER! You rarely get any value on this, but we just cashed Hudson as a +128 HOME UNDERDOG vs. Pedro, and he has also beaten the Yankees twice at home this year at very cheap odds.

    AGAINST Devil Rays off of a win by at least 6 runs (19-5, 79.2 per cent): This one won't be applied very often, but when it does happen, it's like money in the bank.

    That is all for this week. Make sure to check us out next time, as we will have some insight on betting the NFL in September, and possibly some other random thoughts.