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Stardust Contest -Who Should I Bet On?

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  • Stardust Contest -Who Should I Bet On?

    I like listening to the Stardust Contest on the radio. I know you can now bet on the handicppers. Of all the guys in the contest, can someone who is informed give me a favorite or semi favorite and a long shot to bet. This way I can have fun all year long with it. These are the guys in it.
    Dave Malinsky -knocked out Papa joe.
    Kevin O'Neil- goes this week
    Dave Stratton
    Jimmy Vaccarro
    andy Iskoe
    Bob Donahue - beat Dave Cokin
    Chuck Espisito
    Steve Fezzik
    Ron Fraiser
    Lee Sterling- goes this week
    Ken White
    Ted Severansky
    Lem Banker
    Byan Leonard
    Someone please help me out as best you can.

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    Lem Banker is a old fart but his knowledge sometime to the point of nausesem is superior to most he must be played.
    also anyone who beats Papa Joe must be good because i can tell you that during the last several years Papa Joe has been fantastic football picker..


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      Kevin O'Neill write columns for this site. They are pretty informative.


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        Who To Bet On?

        I talked to someone today who said O'neil is more of a writer while Sterling is more of a football bettor. I 'm going with the underdog Sterling in this Friday's matchup. So far both favorites have come in.


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          ted severansky is pretty good. he gives out picks at