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Is Shrink/Rx Being Investigated By FBI??????

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  • Is Shrink/Rx Being Investigated By FBI??????

    I have great sources that tell me he is in serious trouble.

    1. Pending FBI Investigation
    2. Money Laundering
    3. Stealing from books
    4. Illegal Betting Operation
    5. Pending IRS investigation

    Boys sit back and enjoy the fun it is going to get good in the next 6 months!!!!

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    This is a rumor that has been flying around for a long time. All of those points are probably valid to some extent, except he can't get in trouble for scamming sportsbooks out of money......gambling debts aren't enforceable, and I doubt the US is going to try to help him collect form entities that they want to banish anyway.

    What I don't understand about this forum business is this:

    These sites are to BETTER the offshore industry. That should mean that all the players, sportsbooks, etc. want to spread as much information to as many people as possible. The fact that the sites have become "clique-y" is just plain childish. I don't know why people stopped posting here, but I'd think that the long time posters would want everyone to hear what they had to say.

    But it is very odd that the majority of that e-winner controversy occurred only on the rx. most people read all the forums and if they really were having a problem with them, the players having the problem would have plastered it everywhere. After all, all these sites say they'll help the player. Why only ask the Shrink?