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Jeff..What's up with BHB?

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  • Jeff..What's up with BHB?

    Jeff or Brian,

    I keep reading at sportsbookreview about BeverlyHillsBookie and all of their suspicious problems. What's going on with them as they post here constantly to try and get more people to them but then you read all of this..something seems weird if you ask me.

    Here's the latest on them from sportsbookreview..

    "12/26 BeverlyHillsBookie(SBR rating D-) web site down again - may not matter as most players are out "

    "12/05/03 BeverlyHills Bookie - Web site back up after 3 weeks of suspicious downtime blamed on DoS attack"

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    Their site has been down again over the past few days and they have told us it is another DDoS attack. We have received no complaints about payment problems ever for them.....the only problem seems to be the frequency with which their site is down.


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      Good to hear that you haven't recieved any complaints.
      I don't use them but just want to make sure everyone knows what's up. Thanks for the quick response.



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        I agree Jeff

        BHB is a fine book and I would not worry about them taking off with anyones money


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          Update from SBR

          Here's the latest update from SBR:

          "-12/24 BeverlyHillsBookie(SBR rating D-)
          Update: Industry insider in Panama tells SBR "Put a fork in them, their done". This insider thinks player
          monies will be returned shortly - SBR maintains the D- rating noting there are no player complaints only
          rumors and of course the web site has been down 3 out of the last 4 weeks"


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            We've spoken with these guys about these rumors and they have denied that any of that is true. They have told us they are not going anywhere, and they are open for phone wagering. If you'd like to view their lines you visit Legendz Sports, the lines are the same, then you can phoone your wagers in.

            We'll keep you posted, they've promised to keep us posted on any new developments.