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What do you want in your 'Book?

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  • What do you want in your 'Book?

    Everyone has their own online Book that they deal with, for whatever reason...
    But if you could change or add anything to it, what would it be?
    I like what VIP does with their VIP rewards program. You earn points for a certain amount wagered, depending on your status level. And you can redeem these points for free wagers, discounts on airline tickets, wine and cigars. Poker sites do this alot and I've always wondered why an online Book wouldnt?

    What I wouldnt mind seeing is an automated service.
    "To wager on this game pls press one. Pls enter the numeric value of your wager followed by the pound key. Pls press five to confirm this wager. To parlay this with another team, pls press 7, etc...
    Sometimes you get cranky (as_ss) customer service ppl who rush thru lines so fast, you forget what you called for cause all you want to do now is get them OFF the line. Theres been times I called back right away so I could get a more pleasant agent LOL