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SIA(Sportsinteraction) Now in Canada?

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  • SIA(Sportsinteraction) Now in Canada?

    Sia is now located in Montreal,Canada.As for me I must say they have always paid. What does this mean as far as Canada is concerned? I actually never heard of a book in Canada.

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    I just called and they say they are in Canada now. They are operating on some sort of Indian reservation up there. Does the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have any authority there? I didn't know there was Indian gaming in Canada like in the US? How long will this last? It seems to me that at least with the Caribbean the books are seperated from the over reaching North American police by more than a fence.

    Canadian posters please chime in. Hartley, anyone??? What's the deal up there?

    From their site:

    Sports InterAction
    Route 138, PO Box 1539
    Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
    QC J0L 1B0


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      Skeptic, my understanding is that the police have zero authority over these Indian reservations. I was actually reading reactions about this last week but had no idea it was SI. This is bizaar, especially since we are talking about an Irish company.


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        another question i want to ask of our canadian friends, is it legal to set up shop in quebec? they seem somewhat independent from the rest of canada.


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          first off, although quebec may "seem independant of canada" they are not. The only real measure of authority that the province of quebec has over the rest of canada is the they get approx. half the "seats" that make up our government. Yes that is right one province has that much power in our country.

          This is why it appears as though they are independant, in fact this is only b/c the people of quebec have elected separatists to make up our minority party and obviously they have there own agenda.

          As for the mowhawks having some authority over the RCMP. This is a different story, here in manitoba a native band tried to operate a casino without the provinces permission, and the RCMP shut them down.

          Now i am assuming that the mowhawks already have some sort of legal right to open up a casino and the province/country has given them permission to do so. However i doubt that this includes offshore/internet betting.

          It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. I for one don't think that the government of quebec or the Canada will sit by and let this "golden egg" be hatched on a reservation (tax free from the rest of canada).


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            Boy, if SIA can successfully operate from that Indian reservation, what's to keep other sportsbooks from joining them, unless, of course, they would have to be owned or controlled by the Indians themselves. Do the Indians own SIA?

            I lack details, but I've heard there is an Indian reservation in Nevada that is working to get legally clear to offer sportsbetting to those who live outside of Nevada. Does anyone have information about this situation?


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              Being from Montreal, Quebec, and ironically enough, I had just posted up with SIA about 2 weeks ago, I'm quite shocked to hear about their move. There had been much talk going on about an Indian casino, and I'm stunned that it is SIA. I will definitely do some research and get back to all of you.

              To address some political concerns, let me assure you that Indian's free rights are of high importance to the Quebec government and there is no way an already very liberal government system would try to put pressure on the Indians about something they would view as being a trivial matter (gambling).

              More info to follow...


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                Also, STING, Quebec is not Amsterdam, the same things that are illegal in the U.S. are illegal here, but the cops aren't on your case like the in the States...