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Good job Megasports

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  • Good job Megasports

    well, although Nascar doesn't exist as no Australians are interested

    with a bit of surprise, I noticed something called 'hockey overnight lines'

    unless it is just because they are early games of course

    and it must be said they have the best value on World Cup pointspreads of the books I use, at 1.90

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    Yes, Americans are unlucky that Megasports is not available to them. My Megasports account being locked off whilst my non-American identity was being confirmed is well-documented here but the point remains that they are a good shop.

    I'm running a "pick one NFL winner SU and let your money ride" pool for a fair number of friends and Megasports is getting most of the action-- it's a big help that their pick games are -108 and their line breaks are good: The approximate odds I give the poolsters are at -111 at the start of the week and "usually" the poolsters get at least what I quote them on Tuesday by the time they submit their entries Friday.


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      yeah, well noticed that the games are now
      1.92 instead of 1.93.........

      1.91 next year or for playoffs, what you reckon?

      although that is still better than 11 to win 10 of course....


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        In Chinese, they said,

        "you don't want to be famous if you are human, and you don't want to be fat if you are a pig."

        Well, at least Megasports is not fat enough, you guys can still enjoy those low vig good lines for a while...untill...

        Man, could Texas declare independence so I can bet on Megasports?


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          Texas actually has the constitutional right to declare independence, or subdivide itself into five states at any time. No joke.

          Give Dubya a call and see what he thinks.


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            oh yeah, and they have the best value NBL lines too......