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  • BetJamaica Bonus Offers - Bet Jamaica Deposit Bonuses

    Below is a list of the current bonuses and promotions from Betjamaica, one of the premier offshore sportsbooks in the industry. These specials and bonuses will be updated as necessary.

    Early Bird Specials
    New signups and those who have never funded their account can enjoy our standard 20% Cash Bonus , plus we'll add a $50 FreePlay to your account on deposits of $300 or more.

    If you're looking to try us first, deposit $100 and we will give you a matching $100 FreePlay. We know you're going like wagering at BetJamaica and our lightning fast payouts.

    20% Bonus for New Accounts (Standard)
    We offer a 20% cash bonus for all new accounts on the first $500 and 10% on the remaining deposit.

    Maximum bonus allowed is $300. All fees are reimbursed for initial deposits of $200 or more.

    New accounts funded via credit card require 14 business days to clear and cashiers check require up to six weeks to clear before deposits are eligible for withdrawal.
    **Accounts funded via Credit Card Deposits are not eligible for bonuses**

    Re-load Bonuses
    10% Re-up bonus on all qualified deposits. 5% Re-up bonus on all qualified Express Money Transfers.

    Re-load bonuses are limited to $300. Transfer fees for re-load deposits will be reimbursed only for deposits of $200 or more via Express Money Transfers. Accounts are not eligible for re-load bonuses if there have been back to back withdrawals or withdrawals have exceeded 50% of account balance.

    Minimum deposit for all bonuses is $50.

    Referral Bonus
    The majority of our new accounts come from satisfied customers who refer a friend. We are happy reward those who pass out "the good word" about us. Should any referred friend start a new account with BetJamaica, you will receive a bonus of 10% of his or her initial deposit. Once your friend has made 20 wagers, the 10% cash bonus will be deposited into your account. It is yours to keep, or to wager with, at your discretion. Note: Be sure and tell your friend to mention your name or account number in order for you to get credit for the new account! The maximum referral bonus is $100.

    **Referral account and referred account must have 20 wagers for offer to be valid.**

    Nickel Juice Special
    Nickel Juice night is every Friday night during the college and NFL regular football season. It begins at 6 pm EST and ends at 12 am EST. Nickel juice will apply to all college and NFL sides and totals. Maximum wager is $1,000. All "point buying" rules still apply and each point buy will be at an additional $.10, except for point buys on or off of the number 3, which will still be at $.20 for each additional point. College point buys on/off the number 3 remain at an additional $.10

    Paradise Loyalty Club
    Beginning September 1, 2004 players at BetJamaica are enrolled in the Paradise Loyalty Club where they will receive a free bet for every 100 sports bets placed. This free bet is calculated on the players average bet size, bets will be placed to a maximum $200 free bet. To redeem or inquiry about Loyalty rewards , please call 1-800-288-9069 between 12pm to 4pm EST, Monday through Friday.
    ** Please note: That only a maximum of 10 free wagers can be redeemed in 7 day period. Wagers on both sides of a game are not allowed. No correlated or manipulated wagers will be tolerated. If an account is correlating or manipulating loyalty wagers it will result in all existing and future loyalty wagers to be void and account no longer eligible for the club.**

    Parlay Refund Special
    BetJamaica offers parlay players a unique Parlay Refund Special. Parlays between 5 and 9 teams, and if none of the picks hit, funds are 100% refunded. Parlay between 10 and 15 teams, and if none hit the player still receives a 10:1 payout. Parlay refund winners must notify customer service via email or phone within 48 hrs after event completion.
    **Please note that parlays with no action result in the parlays going to the next lowest payout.**
    $100 max risk amount for will be accepted for the parlay refund. Only up to +200 on Moneylines dog wagers are counted in the payout. Parlays will need to have 1/3 favorites to be eligible for the refund. **

    16% Cash Back Rebate
    BetJamaica offers players a choice of either a 20% Cash Bonus on sign-up or a 16% Cash Back Rebate on net losses. When choosing the Cash Back Rebate, payouts are made three times a year following the Super Bowl, NBA Championship and World Series.
    Accounts choosing the 16% Cash Back Rebate are not eligible for bonuses. 2x rollover of rebate applies. Transfer fees will be deducted from the rebate. Rebates are allowed up to five hundred dollars per wager, multiple wagers on the same game do not qualify. Please contact us at 1-800-288-9069 for details.
    **Rebate applies only to sports.

    Special Promotional Free Accounts
    All promotional free accounts have a six time roll-over and a $300 maximum payout.

    Free Contest Prizes
    All Free Contest Prizes have a six time roll-over.

    Bonus Rollover Requirements

    Sportsbook Rollover The deposit and bonus must be wagered four times to be eligible to keep the bonus. Example: $500 deposit + $100 cash bonus x 4 = $2400 in action to keep the bonus.

    The deposit and bonus must be wagered four times to be eligible to keep the bonus. Example: $500 deposit + $100 cash bonus x 4 = $2400 in action to keep the bonus. Bonus rollover requirements accumulated via show wagers will not be calculated as a valid wager with regard to the rollover requirements.

    Casino Rollover The deposit and bonus must be wagered 15 times to be eligible to keep the bonus. Example: $500 deposit + $100 cash bonus x 15 = $9000 in action to keep the bonus.
    Bonus rollover requirements accumulated via low-risk Roulette, baccarat and Craps bets will not be eligible for any of our events and will not be calculated as a valid wager with regard to the rollover requirements. Some examples of these bets include Red/Black same value bets on same spin, pass/dont passline same value bets on Craps.

    If the rollover has not been met prior to withdrawal then the bonus is revoked from the account. BetJamaica Management reserves the right to refuse, limit or revoke bonuses at anytime without prior notice.

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    Special Football Bonus offer for Bettorsworld visitors at Bet Jamaica - Bettorsworld visitors can take advantage of a fantastic bonus offer from one of the top sportsbooks in the industry. A whopping 30% bonus! This offer is for Bettorsworld visitors ONLY. Simply visit Bet Jamaica to sign up for an account.

    Then, give them a buzz to claim your 30% bonus and be sure to tell them about this special offer from Bettorsworld. Any difficulty just shoot us an email.


    Bet Jamaica is so confident that you'll be thrilled with your experience with them that they are offering you a 100% bonus just to try them out. This bonus is good on $100 deposits only and for new accounts. Deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus!

    Two great deals from a Top 3 Sportsbook!


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      Nickel juice on Fridays can't be beat from a book which everyone agrees is rock solid.

      Get the latest injury reports and then make your bet


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        nickle juice?