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Excalibur Phone Account is Back

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  • Excalibur Phone Account is Back

    The new sportsbook manager is David Lee. I remember David from the mid-80s, when he managed the Holiday Inn. I believe that he also managed the Mexican sportsbook in Juarez--which is separate from Caliente.
    Next time I see David, I'll get more info. I remember David as a real nice, fair guy.

    For now, the limits are only a dime on sides and 3 dollars on totals. Hopefully, they'll quickly go back to 2 dimes on sides and a nickel on totals.

  • #2 speak often of the Caliente....can you tell me more about it? Can they be trusted....and what sports do they book?....weak basketball lines i hope?


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      Yes they can be trusted, but they do not take phone bets the last time I asked.


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        reno.....i've got some info i can't put out on the post, but you'd really like to know about....i'm sure cause it concerns one of your old someone at bw and get my e-mail address and i'll forward it to you....


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          Auspice, there are numerous Caliente outlets throughout Mexico and Latin America. The main office and main book is just across the border, in the Pueblo Amigo shopping center.
          Caliente offered phone accounts in 1998, when I played with them from San Diego, but last I knew, they didn't take diddly squat over the phone. Billy Walters had tons of beards calling in on the phones, so they cut the limits to one dime on sides and you could only bet a game once. The lines are nothing special anymore, and they take 1.5% of your winnings. Also, you have to physically go there to put in money in and take it out. Furthermore, they often pay only in $20 bills! Better have deep pockets when you withdraw your funds! Also, the Feds could search you at the border crossing. They'd love to find you with over 10 dimes, so they have a legal excuse to steal your money. Also, you could get mugged and robbed. A friend who works with Marty the Jew got assaulted and robbed walking near the sportsbook. They do pay. The owner, Jorge Rhon, is a billionaire.

          I'd like to get John Calipari down there to see what his take is on the place.

          I hope to get my e-mail fixed at the end of next weeek. When I do, Ill contact Jeff regarding your e-mail info.


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            reno...hint...after you hear this i'd lay 6/5 you'll be calling roger the next day


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              I think the former Nets coach learned a lesson and paid for shooting off his big mouth. Nah, I dont think he d like it.


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                Reno or Ron, please fill me in on the incident with Calipari? Thanks!


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                  Without going into details, he was reprimanded by Comm. D.Stern for mocking someones ethnicity. Not good--especially a NY area public figure.


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                    Ron, I don't know how I could have forgotten that. Thanks!