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Internet Gambling to be Outlawed Next Week

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  • Internet Gambling to be Outlawed Next Week

    The Thought Police are trying to sneak-punch us again. In a few days (maybe Monday!) the Goodlatte bill will suddenly come before the United States' Congress. It will seek to prohibit most forms of online gambling, and backers are trying to rush the bill through before anyone notices.

    The bill will simply turn millions of us into "law-breakers." Nevertheless, the bill would certainly damage the industry, intimidate many people, increase everyone's cost of doing business, and create widespread uncertainty.

    We would be the only non-muslim country in the world with such a ban, no longer free to choose where and how to invest our own money, and once again the steel fist of the Christian Coalition will be dictating what rights we "should" and "should not" have. The Goodlatte Bill is clearly a violation of our rights to privacy and free speech, much less being wholly uninforceable and an outrage against the fundamental rights guaranteed us in our beloved Constitution.

    Please let congressmen know there are individuals who oppose the proposed prohibition. Here's where:

    This is URGENT.

    If enough people protest some Congressmen might take note. - J. R. Miller

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      Let's say this thing passes..... are my dollar amounts in my 3 sportsbook possibly going to be lost????

      Should I have a run on the sportsbook cage and withdraw my dollar amounts until this gets settled this week???


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        If you are playing at legitimate operations you have nothing to worry about.

        What you should be doing is clicking on the lins above and letting your Congressperson know how you feel about this.

        How many people have taken the time to do this?


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          I have.


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            I have been bothering my low life congress man for months now.


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