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  • Which do you want

    Here's my question..

    If you wanted to be or are a bookie what would you prefer.

    A baseball game with no decision where your working on 2c, average lay -120 average take +118, or a 25 dime decision laying -120 -125 and -130

    Factors to take into account. The rest of the world is in the -118 to -123 range. You have plenty of money to absorb the loss and you have huge overhead..Lastly you have the identical situation on all 15 games, every day for the entire season.

    The Devil

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    The latter and gamble. My overhead would suck up the 2cents like a sponge. Oh by the way, how about legal fees if I'm in the states? With that kind of exposure, GAMBLE!!

    Oh forgot to mention, if anyone choses the 2 cent grind method let me ask ou something? How bout those slow pays and lay downs? That +2 pennies becomes -5 to -10.

    Sorry devil had to reply.


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      Devil, this is off the subject but whatever happenned to that "thing" a couple of months back regarding the insuring of funds etc. Unless I'm mistaken a number of us posted our thoughts on it, as per your request, and you never got back to us. Or maybe I missed it?


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        there will be an announcement about it or something very close to it in about 2 weeks.



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          I thought books made their real money on the dogs - the public pretty much forced the books to be long on the dog side.


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            Take the stand and roll the dice


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              based on my experience with the books this summer they indeed are gringing it out and making money. if it were i then i would go with the gring and wait until college in August. I would rather take in than pay out. i am sure Ron has more experience in this than i. good luck, Mark