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why are some antigua books charging for..

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  • why are some antigua books charging for..

    sportsbook to sportsbook transfer.
    previously there were no charges to move funds say from i.e sos to carib or wwts to wsex..but now sos and wwts are charging 30 dollars to do a sportsbook transfer.
    carib still doesn't charge. just curious why the books would charge at all. i know they don't want customers moving funds out of their accounts but it seems odd. oh well at least carib doesn't charge.

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    It is becoming the norm. Some of these places are as bad as banks. You could try to have the receiver pick up the charges


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      Don't the receiving books pick up the $30 charge?


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        I started a thread on this a couple of weeks ago, and no one seemed to comment (must be mostly bookmakers here )

        I understand the need to limit these, perhaps to one per week, to avoid abuse by some players.

        But if I'm posting up money the sportsbook must surely be getting interest on my money at their bank. So for this reason the policy of charging a fee is even worse than the banks. (Except for WSEX, which gives my interest on my deposit).


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          hey sportshobby..sorry..i was gone for 3 weeks and just got back and didn't see your thread..i agree..there shouldn't be a charge..i did maybe one transfer every 2 weeks..I don't see any reason why they are charging 30 bucks for something that takes them about 60 seconds to do.


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            Get the feeling that the Books have no interest in doing transfers. There are 2 ways of looking at it

            1) There is a random chance if a player has multiple accounts, which account will run dry, in which case I would think the books would like transfer agreements(free) between each other.

            2) They figure if you win with them they do not want you to give the profits back to someone else.

            I have the feeling that the prevailing thought amongst books is #2 and not #1.


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              Can anyone tell us how much interest the books typically earn on our deposits? It must be somewhere at least in the vicinity of the 3% that WSEX pays to its players.


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                sportshobby, there is no way these books only earn 3% on our accounts. They probably treat deposits like banks do. They keep a certain amount of the deposits in banks (kind of like a banks reserves) and the rest they invest. My guess would be they earn around 6%.


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                  I would bet my arm that they make more than 6% interest. I'd say 8%+


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                    Let's see . . . you deposit your money interest free and get charged fees. Very few ever get the opportunity to withdraw their deposit, let alone actually win.

                    I hope the books are listening. A limited amount of transfers to other books should be free, just like getting a limited number of payouts. And the really forward-thinking books will follow WSEX's lead and pay the players some of the interest earned on their deposits.