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ok, this is crappy, from Intertops

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  • ok, this is crappy, from Intertops

    SC Bern v HC Lugano Draw 4.5
    SC Bern 2.0

    HC Lugano 2.0

    -- nice market on this game, 122%+

    maybe I'm a bit annoyed they have ruined my fun, but this is a little extreme, don't you think?

    as ever though, fast in a general way about answering email questions.

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    NOT GOOD! But heck, after visiting Sin City you are a bonfide wiseguy


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      yeah, I know where some of the world's most expensive crappy beers are


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        I have to agree, the 3-way hockey is a bit too much! Some feedback from intertops would be good here, did they really get killed on that last year that they have to go to 3-way this season or what? The limit on euro hockey is so low you can't even beat them for that much...

        Just wondering...and hoping that they don't do the same thing with the NHL....

        Speaking of which, NHL preseason is under way, anyone offering odds on that? *VEG*

        May all your bets be winners
        May all your bets be winners


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          well, you can live with 3 way, but not at 122%!