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    Dear Mr Teeball

    We regret to inform you that after serious consideration from our Line Management staff and our sister company Sportingbet's Line Management that we are closing your account forthwith. After analysing your account over the past year we have found you to be a very successful bettor who has a very high winning percentage with us. As we are a recreational betting company, we do not cater to professional bettors who continually bet or follow the steam moves on Don Best. We thank for your custom in the past but you must realise that we are a business and without making a profit, we would cease to exist. All open bets will be honoured and you may reply to this email to let us know how you would like the balance of your account refunded to you.

    Kind Regards

    Customer Services

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    Unbelievable! Since you had a high win percentage, you obviously can't be a recreational bettor.

    Teeball, to what degree did you chase steam plays there?

    I somehow thought that with Sportingbet's acquisition of Betmaker, they would be stepping up to the North American market. They may be shocked to know that there are actually a few winning recreational bettors here in the states, especially in sports laying 105 or 110 instead of the typical soccer crap.

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      I chase the moves if I have to. I take great pride in moving before everyone else and do at times cause the so-called steam. That not the point I work very hard and because I finally become successful in my playing methods I am now a bad guy. Not when I was loosing they all loved me!


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        They also sent me the same type of letter about three months ago. Would you believe my account was only open for one week?

        I was betting early in the morning when the lines first came out. After this short period of time I was only a very small winner. Whatever reason they had for their decision had to be something other than results.

        It's about time people heard about their quetionable business policies.


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 least they didn't accuse you of being part of a syndicate ala Intertops. It sounds like you are an originator of some of the moves. How much time elapsed before your plays with Sportingbet turned the screen black?


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            hmm, interesting.

            So what do they do to smart punters not betting on US sports - do they do the same thing to those betting on UK horse racing, or tennis, or golf, or whatever?

            You could actually be a very successful bettor with a low winning percentage if betting on things like horses, or away teams in soccer, etc.

            So, most likely the 'this guy does the Don Best thing'. Have to ask around, see if any UK horseplayers had this happen.


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              I'd like to hear Sportingbet come here and explain their policy. If it is a losers-only policy, then the book deserves to be slammed.


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                sportshobby, They don't boot winners at Sportingbet. I know one sharp player who has won over 100 dimes from them and still plays there. It looks like they just don't like getting hit and then see the screen turn black a few minutes later.


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                  Shifty: Oh no a black screen somebody bet the limit in 3 places and then somebody called me and bet. Or that guy bet me 2 minutes ago on the same play something must be up. GIVE A BREAK WITH BLACK SCREEN AND STOP FOLLING OR PANICING EVERYTIME SOMEONE PLAYS A WINNER.


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                    Dear Mr. Teeball,

                    At M&M Sports ( a Del Mar's postup division), we invite succesful players to join us.



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                      Teeball, I hate to see any player get the boot. I'm just trying to figure out why you got the boot and others have not. Were you laying off with them? A lot of books don't want layoff action.


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                        Shifty, how can anyone win any significant amount there? I can't seem to get more than a nickel down on the internet. When I've called I've sometimes gotten a reluctant dime after about a five minute phone call and supervisor permission.

                        What am I doing wrong?


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                          Check my post under A Message From


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                            I dunno, my experience with them has been good. My only complaint is that they take down their college football lines every weekday morning and don't put them back up until 12:00-1:00pm ET. I'd like to hear their explanation for that policy.