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    Rio - Loved playing at Rio this year. Played strictly over the phone. They did everything right. No Stalling etc.etc....Rio, located in Costa Rica has been around for years. Rio is another book that players simply shouldn't be without if you're looking for a peek at some different numbers. You can be sure to get that extra hook on a game if you wait long enough at Rio. For that reason alone, the are a must for any serious player.

    Gameday - Located in Curacao. Gameday is another book with their share of bonuses and referral programs, not to mention nickel juice on Wednesdays. If you're playing your own stuff and not chasing numbers, they'll take 2 dimes a pop online. Though football season (the real football) is behind us, Gameday also had a no juice NFL special this past season. Watch for it next year, because once again, if you're a serious player, you simply can't pass up deals like that!

    Gibraltar - This is the old Island Super book. Island Super Book was another one of the originals in this biz, however Gibraltar is now under new ownership. No major complaints here. They use the same software as Top of the World.Initially they took a dime online and two dimes over the phone. The phone limits in our case, were cut in half after roughly 3 weeks. Still could be useful even at the reduced limits.

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    Isn't Gibralter tied in with NASA?


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      Gibraltar is now owned by Millennium Sports, they're in the same building and the same clerks write the tickets for both shops.


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        Millenium is tied in with NASA as well.


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          I'd like to know better what it means to be "tied in". I'm thinking of doing business with Millennium, as I've heard mostly good things about them. If they only rent office space from NASA Int'l, I could probably deal with that. If they shared ownership, I'd probably pass.


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            Books like Jaguar are using space and equipment. In exchange, NASA gets a piece.

            They are still independently run and what not, and really, it's added security, as long as NASA stays solid.

            NASA wouldn't let anything happen to the books under it's "umbrella", again, so long as they remain financially solid.


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                I just saw mention of a "1/2 point for life" special at Rio, but couldn't find any details about it on the accounts page. Can anyone provide more details on this?


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                  Pretty sure the deal was/is strictly for Skybook customers.

                  Here is the press release they originally sent out.......

                  Rio International has acquired Skybook of Margarita Island, Venezuela.
                  All Skybook customers will now have 24 hour service, same day payouts,
                  lifetime sportspagers, overnight lines, higher odds on parlays, and get
                  this-any Skybook customer who refers a friend will receive a free point
                  every game you bet on for the rest of your life (up to $500.00 per
                  game)right for the rest of your days as a Skybook customer, you will get a
                  free point on every game, (excluding the number three in football)! !
                  Skybook customers will also receive free casino chips monthly based on
                  sports action.


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                    Pay the book Rio an extra 300 bucks when you open an account and become one of their "platinum" players.A platinum account adds an 1/2 half point to all straights for the life of your account.