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Book to book transfers are best, BUT.........

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  • Book to book transfers are best, BUT.........

    Reading the posts about neteller.......without a doubt as someone else mentioned, book to book transfers are the best method for players with several accounts.

    Only problem is, a major speedbump has been thrown into the mix with the recent Dunes and Caribi problems.

    Book to book transfers had reached a point where everybody was transferring with everybody (just about) on nothing more than their word.

    Once the sh*t hit the fan, it backed up the whole system.

    There are players out there that had thought they got transfers to a book, only to be told a month later that the transfer never went through!

    Is this the books fault or the players fault?


    player transfers funds from book A to book B. Book B immediately credits the players account.

    A month later, book B deducts the amount of the transfer and tells the player his transfer never went through......the players been playing for a month on credit basically.....

    Bottom line, as a result of these recent events, book to book transfers aren't what they used to be......

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    Ran into this problem last summer when WWTS (Posttime) said that they weren't taking any transfers from Premiere League. I assume that this was because of the latter's financial problems at the time. My account remains empty at the former.


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      I am actually in that situation right now. I had my money taken from my account from a book on this site, and now it's back where it started, at Dunes. The original transfer NEVER made it. Has anyone else been paid by dunes?


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        Wow, I never thought about that. I assumed that once the transfer was accepted, the receiving book was taking the risk. That's a bit scary.

        I wonder about the similar situation for Neteller - could it happen? The thing that may prevent it from happening at Neteller is their policy (as I understand it) to keep positive balances at each book.


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          I would think there's a simple solution to this, although it's not one that's favorable to the players.

          That solution would be to simply wait for the funds to clear, just as if you had sent a wire yourself.

          Of course the player would get instant access to his account this way, but it would prevent this type of back log from happening.

          You'd hate to see book to book transfers become a thing of the past, just from a convienence standpoint.


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            I occasionally do book to book transfers.
            I just wanted to say that Olympic continues to do them without any charges. Another reason why imho they are the best book.
            Offering lines on tournaments year round while other books will maybe have some up for the grand slam events only. Also other books..i.e..wwts, wsex, carib, sos charge fees to do transfers while olympic still doesn't charge a penny.