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Betmaker. How solid?

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  • Betmaker. How solid?

    How solid is betmaker? I realize the name has been around for years, but aren't they in a sense, a brand new, unproven operation? 25% sign up up bonus?? Thoughts?? :confused:

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    I played with the original way back when. Their website was but they went by the name Global Sports Connection. I don't know anything about the latest version. Are they the same people? Or new people with an old name?


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      I wanted to take some time to explain exactly who is. is owned by Global Sports Corporation, a limited company based in the Isle of Man, UK.

      When betmaker sold to Sportingbet early last year, myself & several others from our upper management left for Europe & launched from the Isle of Man.

      We've had quite a bit of success w/ betzone, offering our betting & customer service (phone, e-mail & live chat support) in 6 languages & offering 50 different soccer leagues.

      The "new betmaker" is being run by much of the "old betmaker" management. I myself was betmaker's marketing director until Sportingbet bought us. For those old betmaker customers who are wondering, we still have the same customer service manager, Silvia, the same IT team, same office managers, accounting dept head, etc., etc.

      As part of our agreement w/ Sportingbet, they were required to return the domain to us after a certain date. It is now ours once again & we are able to market it freely.

      I'd like to think our service now is everything betmaker was & more! We have a much better selection of sporting events & bets than we used to.

      We have a special Welcome Back Bonus promo going on right now for a 15% cash bonus & a free 3-team parlay for all new customers depositing via WU, Neteller or bank wire.

      Please stop by & check us out.

      I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

      Mike Foreman
      Marketing Director


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        I can vouch for Mike Foreman and Betmaker. He comped me $50 because their 800 number is blocked from Hawaii. I was lucky enough to run the comp $50 to about $800. I requested a payout and it arrived today via Fedex. You get one free Fedex a month! I don't know any outfits that do that. Betmaker is a real class act, no joke. I only have one small complaint, and that is their football lines come up really late, on Tuesday evening. That is way too late for a "major" book in my opinion. Other than that (and the 800 number still not working from Hawaii), Betmaker is as solid as can be.


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          Thanks for responding Mike. Always good to know there's someone on the other end! I don't think that's the case with alot of these books. I get the idea alot of these places are just computers all by themselves in a little room somewhere! :mad:


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            you people live in a fantasy land. do you really think there's more than a half dozen solid books?
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              Opened my account on 9/5, 4,000 bonus of 1,000 won over 2,000 in the first 2 weeks
              asked for a payout of 2,000 on Monday and got my FedEx today. They also have some off lines (like Tampa -2/everybody else has 2.5)


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                Glad to see you were pleased w/ the service. We truly feel that the best way to gain loyal customers is to pay them & pay them quickly.

                As for our lines, you can find some good value w/ us. We move our lines based on our action where many other books move based solely on screen moves.

                I hope you continue to enjoy our service.


                P.S. Peter--still working on the toll-free calls from Hawaii. Please give it shot again & send me an e-mail to let me know.


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                  I had a betmaker account at one time & still have a few dollars change left in there. Any re-up bonuses available to older customers?


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                    We'd love to have you back.

                    Give me a call & I'll personally get you set up again.


                    Mike Foreman


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                      It would be nice if they kept their Neteller account properly funded. I have been trying to make a Neteller w/d for 3 days now with no success, and no response from their customer service dept.

                      There's no excuse for this kind of service.


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                        I agree. As I mentioned earlier, these books shouldn't have the neteller symbol on their sites if they aren't going to honor it. You shouldn't have to wait three days for an "INSTANT" payout. Unacceptable.


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                          Please e-mail me or phone me to discuss your situation.

                          I have checked w/ our accounting dept & they are telling me there are no pending Neteller transactions & no one in customer service seems to be aware of the problems your reporting.

                          I'll be more than happy to help out in any way I can.


                          Mike Foreman
                          [email protected]


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                            Of course there are no pending Neteller transactions. If you don't have enough money at Neteller the request never goes through!

                            If no one in customer service seems to be aware of the problems I'm reporting, then maybe you need a new customer service dept.

                            I finally got a reply from Betmaker and instead of being honest about not having the necessary funds at Neteller, they decided to lie and said my failed withdrawal attempts were caused by technical problems at Neteller. It's now two days later and I STILL don't have my money, and apparently Neteller is still having "technical problems" because I keep getting the same message to contact Betmaker customer service. That's the same message I get whenever a book doesn't have money at Neteller.

                            It's very strange that I only get that message when withdrawing from Betmaker. I was able to process a withdrawal from Camelot yesterday in about 5 minutes.

                            It's VERY disturbing that Betmaker hasn't had funds at Neteller for at least 5 days now, then Mike comes in here pleading ignorance of ANY problems, then they lie to me about "technical problems".

                            It looks like either nobody has their act together at Betmaker, or they are a deceitful group that could be in trouble. In either case, it's not a good situation.


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                              I made an offer to you 2 days ago to contact me & I'd look into your situation.

                              I don't have any idea who you are, what your PIN is or what your e-mail address is.

                              If you are in fact having difficulties w/ a payout, why wouldn't you contact me?

                              I'm not trying to hide anything from the forum or accuse you of lying, I'm just saying if you've got a problem you'd like to see a resolution to, give me a call.

                              Once you've spoken to me & I've reviewed your situation, you're free to post for everyone's view--GOOD OR BAD--how the situation was handled.

                              But unless you contact me, there's not much I can do to help.