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    Alpine- Agreed on your point about Microsoft!

    Jacmar- EA still has the best sports titales by far IMO. I've tried many others and nothing seems to quite compare to the realism and game play of the EA titles. Make sure before you start playing ANY sports title that you explore the options panels extensively. They all have setting for "Skill Level" or "Difficulty", terminology varies here. The important thing is to set it down real low when you are first getting the hang of it. And again, choose a lowly team or teams to play against at first. If you just fire up a game that you've never played before and leave all the default settings, you are sure to take a thorough ass-whooping everytime. Get in there, tweak some settings and have fun. You will surely enjoy yourself more when you can win a little!

    Alpine- Resident Evil ROCKS! One of my top ten of all time. I'm thinking that would be a great outlet for all of those stressed out of the Ace's debacle!


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      Would it be better to buy a new game system or just buy the games strictly for the computer? This is where I need your insight. I don't know if it would be wise to shell out 300 for a game system when I can buy the same games for the computer. What is your opinion about this?


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        As long as you don't mind SITTING at the computer to play the games, then it's a no brainer the computer games. Many people are in to kicking back on the couch and playing which isn't easy with a computer unless you have the right equipment. As long as you've got a comfortable chair though, you're SET!!

        Keep in mind the system requirements of any game you are looking to purchase though. The new sports games especially have fairly steep minimum requirements to run at all, never mind to run well. If a game says you need a Pentium 266 and 64mb of RAM, don't buy it if that's what you actually have. They requirements they list are almost always absolute minimums and usually the game will run like crap unless you turn all the quality settings way down. If you have more than the minimum though, you're usually ok. That's another benefit of a TV/console game, once you have it, any title for it will run perfectly on it (unless it's an X-Box, hehe).

        If you're just looking to play around a little here and there, buy a few computer games for now. Even if you have to buy last year's version to run it, they are still way handier and way crisper graphics.


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          jacmar, I just wanted to add a couple points to the excellent reply you got from the_beav. If your computer is fully 3 years old, and you haven't upgraded it, I'm guessing you probably have at best a Pentium II 400 with a TNT video card. That MIGHT allow you to adequately play some of the games out now, but probably not the ones coming out in the near future. Also, you might not feel like investing $300 in a new game system, but would you rather invest 1500+ in a new computer?

          the_beav, I'm with you bro, Resident Evil DOES rock! I have RE1, 2 and 3 for PS1 and when (and if) I can get some free time the first game I'm looking forward to playing is RE:CV for PS2! I was just guessing that with the types of games Checkers listed that HE might not personally be interested in who has the rights to future RE titles. We aren't all as diversified a gamer as you obviously are! At the risk of dating myself (then again, no one else will) one of the greatest video/computer game experiences I've ever had was playing the original Alone In The Dark (3 1/2 diskettes) on the computer back in 1992. As I'm sure you know - that game was the genesis of the whole survival/horror genre! Come to think of it, maybe wasting some zombie scum WOULD be the best therapy for my Aces anger/depression


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            Thanks guys, for your responses. I am still not sure what I will do. I don't think I want to get a new computer, as this one suits my gambling needs quite adequately. So if that's the case, I may want to get a new game system. I still have the N64 and Playstation 1, but I think I would like to get one of the newer ones. Considering I basically play sports games only, which system do you suggest, and do you know of any games that I would like? Thanks in advance.


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              Alpine: Alone in the Dark????? I though I was one of the few people left on the planet that actually played that game!! No doubt, excellent game, ground breaking for sure. I can somewhat equate that to the original Wolfenstien 3D and it's effect on the whole first-person shooter genre. By the way, if you haven't played Return to Wolfenstien yet, it is a MUST own!

              jacmar: I would suggest (and I think Alpine would agree?) going with the playstation 2 in your case. Really your best bet I think especially owning a PS1 already...good luck!