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    ARE YOU WILLING TO SPEND A LITTLE MONEY TO GET SOME REAL ANSWERS? If not, then pls. don't bother reading the rest.

    From what I understand, Curacao has regulations that require books to maintain a "separate" acct or accts under a trustee that insures that the book can maintain liquidity. This fund is supposed to be equivalent to the total amount of players deposit.It is also my understanding that the enforcement of this regulation can or may be a bit lax at times.
    If this regulation does in fact exist, then there must be an agency that oversees it. If there is an agency that oversees this, then they could potentially be held accountable for the level of oversight or lack thereof. At the very least there should be some explanation that we're owed on this. All we have is an email saying they're in bankruptcy. I mean what the hell is that?
    At the very least, I think that it is smart for us to come together and look at ways that we can investigate exactly what is being done down in Curacao and what if anything can be done to make sure that this never happens again in Curacao. The authorities and sportsbooks need to believe that this is not going to be quickly forgotten and that WE have a say as to when things return to business as usual. To that end, I propose that we collectively hire an attorney/investigator in Curacao to look into these matters. The cost will be dependent on how many people we can get to join us. I'm willing to do the leg work to get this thing moving, and I'd like to ask those of you who think this might be an idea worth exploring to copy and paste this to the other relevant sites.

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    Brilliant idea. I don't think you will get anywhere hiring a Curacao attorney, though. From what I understand, Curacao has about 50k people on the whole island, tops. As the sportsbooks are an important fixture of the economy there, what are the chances you will find a Curacao attorney that is not already in the pocket of the sportsbooks or other related business interests? And what is the likelihood that the government itself is not beholden to the interests of the sportsbooks that employ a very high percentage of their educated populance? Not to rain on your idea or anything, I just think you might be better off hiring an outside investigator. Maybe an aggresive Miami type.

    Disclosure: I had no money in Aces when it folded (but just narrowly...I had tried to do a credit card deposit to take aavantage of NE +14.5...but my credit card issuer saved my ass by not allowing the tranfer to go through...that is the one time the self-righteous actually saved me from myself).