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I just spoke to Aces Gold lawyer

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  • I just spoke to Aces Gold lawyer

    I got this number form
    011-5999 463 4111 it is the governmnet number where Seinpost/Aces/Sports Market was located. I spoke to a Mr. Sambo who quickly gave me a number of a lawyer whose name was either Mr. Romer or Mr. John Loth.

    When I called 011-5999 737 8088 I quickly figured out this is Aces lawyer whol filed the bankruptucy. He told some bullshit how they filed the bankruptucy because they didn't want to keep accepting new clients knowing that they couldn't pay them. He went on to say they took a beating on the Super Bowl which we all know. The government is supposed to decide by the end of the week on the partion for bankruptucy. I really don't know what that means but he said once they decide it will posted in all the newspapers down there. I asked him what are the chances of me recovering my $10,800, he said you might get 10% after they auction off the assets. I went on to ask if they are going to sell the client list and he told they wouldn't because that information is confidential. That's funny protecting my information but stick me in the ass by robbing my money. My conclusion is that they won't auction the customer list because they plan on opening under another name. I also got this name for Charlie from CHARLES WAYNE THERWHANGER.

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    musky,i called right after you did,ist time they hung up on me,when i recalled all i got was a busy signal,sounds like the same old bs.


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      I taped the call if anyone wants to hear it.


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        Per, Aces gold never actually filed bk, they just paid a lawyer to say they did.


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          Could you email me.
          [email protected]

          Thx. dan