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E S B ???? where are they?

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  • E S B ???? where are they?

    anyone know what is wrong wtih E S B ? Since Friday night no WEB page and all 15 phone numbers I had are all not working.

    They sent me an EMAIL message with an announcement of account modification? But the phone number they gave has been busy for over 6 hours!

    Ive been really really happy with Eng Sports Betting (E S B)
    for over 7 years?

    Any clues?

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    Have you been getting regular payouts over the years? I am considering opening an account but I remember reading something about a payout problem on one of the forums.


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      ESB has a long assorted history of having many problems and complaints against them. Probably best to look elsewhere.


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        all is well wtih E S B

        All is well with E S B.

        They had major phone line problems just as I was trying to figure out what a strange EMAIL they sent me was all about. I over reacted.

        E S B is a FANTASTIC SportsBook. Never had an impolite call in over 7 years. Always paid fast as stated.

        They have a terrible ON line wagering system, its not really on line they get the play from your computer (like if it was a FAX) and punch it in themselves. They think this is more "Legal" than an internet on-line wager. Who knows.

        However, the call in service is great. They have totals on every college football and basketball games. And stay active weekly giveaways also Pick the Winner Horse contests that are easy to win.

        I like

        in no order

        E S B

        Camelot is turning awful!!! they have less wagers then my corner guy! No Auto matchups! No Don Best Golf matchups, no totals on any NCAA hoops game, no NBA Props. All the lines come out late late late. Plus when you talk to them to get help or question a new policy they act like total Know it alls and are rude.
        They do not understand customer service at all. They have a new management team in place so I hope they start to make it fun again. come on Camelot get it going!!!