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  • There is no comparison....

    Look., there are a small number of lines feeds available that allow odds delivered at a speed that will allow the player to use those same displayed odds and wager on them.

    each has its own format and price and features.

    we believe ours is marketed to the player who cannot afford big bucks up front that still requires the efficiency of a higher priced lines feed.

    thats why we don't offer a 3 or 7 day trial BUT a 30 day trial.

    good books on the feed and bworld behind the product.

    Register for your FREE trial here

    try it---you'll like it.

    i ask current users to voice their opinipon here.

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    Great product!

    I couldn't log in today - any known issues?


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      I simply LOVE the product. It has become a part of my everyday life since it has become available. I really can't give any critical criticisms, only that maybe a few more sharp books would be a great addition. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!


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        Really Nice

        I've been using it for a while and I'm hooked.

        I used to have to open several browsers to see who had what line. That was very time-consuming. Now I get it in one window all at the same time.

        Don Best costs what? $500 a month! Hey, I don't know about you, but I am a very small player ($50-$100 a game). I can not justify Don Best on my bankroll.

        I like the fact that I can arrange the books in the order I want. Who else offers this?

        The thing really helps you find the best line. Last night many had Gonzaga -6 . . . Carib (and some others had it at -4.5). It didn't matter, as they won by 7, but you know that this stuff adds up over a couple hundred games. 2.5 points in baskets? I'll take it.

        There was another instance that the line was -2.5 and -3 . . . the game wound up on 3 and of course I got -2.5 . . . a winner instead of a push.

        Very handy tool IMO.
        As Always - Good Luck,