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  • I have a question

    does anyone think it's a coincidence that securebuxx started with 3 books, camelot, grand central and cascade?

    if so, please contact me. i have a bridge in brooklyn i need to unload. cheap.
    bridge for sale - brooklyn ny - please contact me for details

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    I have no problems with Cascade. There are some other good books that use Securebuxx too. We're still waiting for your offshore recomended list? I've never seen a positive comment about any book from you.


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      shifty, face it, in this industry there's a scam a minute. it's no different than the touts. it amazes me to see people keep throwing good money after bad.

      the dots are all there. the people just don't know how to connect them. or better yet, they don't want to connect them. you're right, i don't have much positive to say. because there isn't much. i said maybe there's 6 solid books. how many people asked which ones? maybe two. wow. what does that tell you? it tells me they don't want to know. they are afraid thier book isn't on that list. it's easier not to know.

      i gave out wwts. now i'll add grande.
      bridge for sale - brooklyn ny - please contact me for details


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        I'm sure delmar & olympic are your list, who else do you like?


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