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Now WWTS Gets Into The Act!

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  • Now WWTS Gets Into The Act!

    From The Offices of Judge Judy:

    06.07.02 (10:20 AM EST) - WWTS (World Wide Tele Sports) furious over scamdicapper contributing articles to certain websites and misleading readers of those sites.

    I found this on another web site and I am wondering why WWTS would be angry and with whom?

    I have read every article by Kelso Sturgeon and I don't see anything about WWTS. Also, everything else I see seems to be the truth as far as my sources tell me. Look, if its a question of truth, Weitzner will be the last one I believe. I have lost alot of respect for WWTS over this statement. It implies bad things. VERY BAD THINGS.

    Do we have to worry about WWTS now?

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    WWTS may not even be aware of the comment. They probably do not pay attention to that crap. If someone pointed it out they would no doubt provide an honest answer--they have always been upstanding in the past.


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      I tend to agree with you. Can it be ANOTHER fabrication by the dynamic duo of Weitzner and Sting.

      So far today we have someone at CRIS being madly in love with Weitzner and now someone from WWTS being furious over something that in all likelihood does not concern them.

      Can someone from WWTS please respond? For that matter CRIS needs to be honest here too. The floor is yours.