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  • Bet Mega update

    Just got off the phone with Craig at Bet Mega.....

    To make a long story short, Craig was brought in to help Bet Mega and walked into a bad situation created by those there before him.

    He's fully confident in their ability to straighten things out and asks for patience.

    Anyone requesting a payout ask for Craig.

    Players - please keep me posted, either here in the forum or email [email protected]

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    Hopefully Craig can get things turned around, but there have been many others that have inherited a mess and when they got into it, it was a lot more than met the eye. Does this mean that Pamela and Maria weren't keeping up with things properly?

    Good luck Craig, no one needs another black mark on the industry!


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        Any word on this? Craig? Are you out there? Do you guys really run 2 land-based casinos and have a credit business? If you do have a credit business why even state that publicly?


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          I received a neteller payout for $2500 today. After having a long chat with Craig, I've decided to leave an almost equal amount in my account to continue betting with.