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Major the Athiest banned me

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  • Major the Athiest banned me

    Jeff and Brian

    This guy is such a whore for 2000 a month, I dont think he really gives a rats ass about the posters at his site. Do you mind if I post here. Do you guys ban people for no reason or let the posters speak there mind?

    He runs his site like Adolf Hitler, Fred I can put up with, but Russ is so gutless he cant start a thread to ban me he has to do it quietly in the middle of the night because he knows 3qtr of the forum will beg him to bring me back.

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    I don't understand banning. A forum is supposed to be for the masses to say what they want (within reason, obscenity aside). I mean who cares if someone calls everyone at Bworld a bunch of gay, crossdressing, transvestite (I think I got redundant) computer geeks? An opinion is an opinion. Welcome, railbird!!


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      I can't really comment on you're banning because I don't know the circumstances behind it......

      We have taken on a "no ban" policy here.

      Essentially meaning, as long as there is no flat out vulgarity or something so off the wall we just can't let it stay, there will be no deletions or banning......


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        just wondering.....


        will you be adding anything of substance in this forum?



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          When you see some of this guy's posts you'll know why he was banned. Gotta watch out for radical Jesus freaks as they are not rational.


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            b georgia: Very good question for Rail Bird. But, if you banned people for lack of substance, whole lot of folks would have to go. ha


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              What is substance? Isn't this for players to talk about pretty much any comment or complaint they have? It took me a long time to even get up the nerve to post.


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                Yo Bird

                I'm glad to see you here . . . but I must admit I prefer you leave the religious dogma at the door. People just get tired of hearing the same thing. Why not add Jesus Christ to your tag line in some way and leave it at that?

                I belive Waco was the government's fault , Ruby Ridge was murder and that flight 800 was downed by a missile, but if I keep harping on those (and other) issues, I am soon labled an anti-government "conspiracy theorist" and lose any credibility.

                I'm not saying it's right, just that it is.
                As Always - Good Luck,



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                  bruce 1972,

                  I think Jeff belives in God and will not get offended at the mention of his name, you are either for Jesus or for the devil, there is no 3rd option. The Devil is a counterfeiter a total phony, and the devil at majorwager is the same thing a fugasi-counterfeiter-fake. He and Russ ripped off an idea from this site, so the name devil fits Fred perfectly, a counterfeiter is what he is. He is basically a rat.

                  sonny stardust-

                  I answer to nobody but JesusChrist, I prefer to be biblically correct instead of politically correct. The mention of Jesus should not be offensive, its weird how pornography, foul language, favoritism at Mw did not offend anybody but the mention of Jesus did. Jay Cohen was allowed to use the F word and be pro homosexual and mock the word of God, but yet I am offensive to some who dont share the truth of God.


                  I have always had the utmost respect for you and your site, and you will never her vulgarity out of me.


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                    Raibird, there is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion or expressing your views on anything. You do have to respect that others people's opinions may differ from yours and that they are also entitled to their opinion.

                    Banning someone for religious views while allowing slander and obscenities makes no sense, but hey--to each their own.

                    Just be open minded enough to allow for debate should it ever come up.


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                      Railbird!!! where are ya? Post away!!