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    Does anyone know about these 2 books? They are being advertised together along with MVP & Millennium. Since MVP & Millennium are on the list, and I know personally that MVP pays, I am curious about these other 2. Thanks, any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Both of those books fall under the Big Nasa ( umbrella. They are operated by different individuals, but use the facilities and support staff of Nasa. They are located in the San Pedro Mall in San Jose Costa Rica. I wouldn't imagine you'd have any problems with them unless you are a huge player.


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      Not for sharp players, but I agree with blowfish. You probably won't have any problems with them. Jaguar has been around for a few years.


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        When you guys say it's not for sharp players, does that mean they kick out winners or guys who follow steam, or both?


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          Probably a little of both. Read the rules on both sites carefully. Some specifically say wiseguys or syndicate players won't be paid. But someone who follows steam and is quick could easily be mistaken for a mover. I know Jaguar has kicked out players who simply won. First lowering their limits to a joke level and then flat out asking them to leave.


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            How can such a book be a respectable place to play? If it's not allowed to win, what chance does a player really have?


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              I see the rules also stated on that

              "We do not cater to syndicate, or professional gambling organizations of any sort! If and when detected any such wagers will be deemed cancelled in the sole discretion of WAGERMALL.COM"

              The problem is, as Dragon has stated already, that a player who is quick to move could be mistaken for a syndicate. It seems that their rule allows them to basically cancel any winning wagers that they deem appropriate.

              It's hard enough to win, then enough of a sweat to see if a sportsbook will pay. But to have to further wonder whether he will be screwed out of winnings due to interpretation . . well, that's just too much to overcome.


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                As far as I can tell, Jaguar is also on the LIST:


                I would therefore trust them.

                Hey BTW, has anyone tried oddswiz lately? I don't know what you guys did, but that service kicks ass now. GREAT JOB GUYS.


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                  thanks sicko. it is a work in progress and we will continue to improve upon it.

                  for those who have not tried it, give it a shot by emailing [email protected]


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                    I would be VERY careful with Jaguar unless you are willing to put up with aggrevation to put a bet in at times.

                    Last weekend they said there system for grading plays went down about 2:50 EST, and it wasn't back up until after the 4:00, thus I wasn't able to get the 3:30 college games in because the money wasn't back into my account for them. I called to get in some conditionals and after explaining the situation numerous times to a clerk and supervisor who certainly spoke a different English than I do :-), I finally told them to piss off and I hung up on them.

                    Today I have been trying to get in NFL plays since noon, but after contacting them, they tell me they are rebooting the sysyem (an hour before nfl games kick-off!!) and to keep checking back in another 10 minutes. Still no luck now 5 minutes before game time.

                    I have sent off emails that I know have been received by them and have never even gotten a form email response back. Unless a MAJOR problem arises, I refuse to call a book that advertises they do things on the net., although with the English I heard last weekend, I don't even want to bother talking to anyone there. Customer service for me has been BAD to say the least, and luckily I have other reliable places to play that know how to resolve any problems that occasionally occur.
                    It wasn't any of my money to start with anyways, or it would have been long gone, and it will be as soon as the conditions for winning the contest are up.


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                      They have always had a good reputation, although they stay pretty quiet. Hopefully they get their service issues resolved. I think because there are so many books operating under the Nasa umbrella, and so many customer service departments are combined and handle more than one book, that the level of "customer care" really goes downhill.


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                        Jeff, doesn't Fidelity own these 2 books?


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                          I don't think First Fidelity owns these books, They are under the Millennium/or Big Nasa umbrella. I think Big Nasa actually. Yes, I know I'm not Jeff, but that's my knowledge.