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  • GM of Sportbet Speaks Out!

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    Island Casino and
    General Manager Jake Slater Speaks Out! and Island Casino pride themselves on industry pioneerw, both established in 1997, with an impeccable reputation for service, payouts, and promotions. Island Casino originated on the Island of Curacao and moved to Costa Rica in 1999. Bettorsworld has had a solid relationship with both of these shops and was happy when general manager Jake Slater cleared a spot in his calendar to talk with us.

    BWorld: What preparations has Island/Sportbet made for football season? What kind of increase in business do you anticipate? Are you using any new marketing techniques?

    JS: We are extremely excited about the football season. Both Sportbet and Island Casino have had some great upgrades lately, including a software switch and the addition of more wagering options. We are confident that business will continue to increase, as it has steadily for the past few months. We feel that our best marketing techniques come from our clerks and Customer Service Representatives and their interaction with our clientele.

    BWorld: Island Casino has been in business for quite some time, and was one of the first online sportsbook/casinos. How did you achieve this presence and what is the recipe?

    JS: Island Casino is proud to have such a solid reputation for so many years. The secret to success? Pay fast, pay on time, and smile while you do it.

    BWorld: Sportbet has a longstanding presence in the industry? How did you get started and what have you done to maintain your solid reputation and good standing?

    JS: Sportbet'slongevity in this industry is due in large part to the way we handle our clients. We know that they are our business and we make sure that they feel welcomed, wanted, and secure.

    BWorld: What do you think of the recent crackdowns by the credit card companies on Internet Gaming charges? Has this hurt your business at all?

    JS: Of course we are not happy with the way that the Online Gaming Industry has been singled out by credit card companies. It is frustrating for us, but even more so for our clients, who cannot spend their own money the way they want. Has it hurt our business...yes, but we are constantly finding new ways to improve.

    BWorld: With PayPal starting to phase out gambling payments, what is Island/Sportbet going to focus on to ensure the future of the post-up business? Do you feel NETeller is a solid funding source?

    JS: As I said before, when some doors get closed, we keep looking for other methods. Neteller is an excellent, and reliable, form of funding your account with us, as well as most online stores.

    BWorld: What do you think are going to be major betting trends this upcoming season based on the last couple of seasonsí downturns? Do you have any new wagering opportunities or contests to attract the football fan?

    JS: Based on the last couple of years, I would say that the St. Louis Rams will pull a majority of wagers throughout the season, however, lately the long shots are starting to pay off, so we will probably see slightly more action going in that direction. We actually just expanded our parlays and teasers to include up to 10 teams, just for this year's NFL and NCAA season.

    BWorld: You set your own lines and donít clone from other books or a lines feed. How do you feel about the growing concern that line cloning could be a big reason for books suffering unrecoverable losses?

    JS: We do not really worry about that, as it does not affect us. Like you said, we move based on action that we take in. Just because some other book moves their line, does not mean that our line moves. If we don't get a bet, there is no point in moving the line.

    BWorld: Laying off is another big topic. Does Island/Sportbet engage in this practice, and do you prefer to be as balanced as possible or do you side with the public? Is this policy the same across the board for all sports?

    JS: Island Casino and Sportbet have a strict policy against laying off. We are not in the business to bet, we are in the business to book the bets. We try to keep the action as balanced as possible, but we will always need one side more than is just part of the game.

    BWorld: What do you think of baseball's status as a sport? The strike was narrowly avoided; however, there is a lot of tension between fans, players, and owners.

    JS: I think that baseball has a lot of problems, starting with the Commissioner having a vested interest in a team (The Milwaukee Brewers). Followed by the extravagant salaries that these guys are making to the fact that stars like Barry Bonds says, "oh the fans will get over it...they will be back". It is negligence like that that is quickly souring baseball in many Americansí eyes.

    BWorld: What would you recommend to help a new customer become familiar with the sites and wagering on the Internet in general?

    JS: For any new player who signs up with us, I encourage them to read all the rules and policies to make sure that we are the type of sportsbook they are looking for. I also encourage them to play in our casino under the "For fun". That way they can test out the games and get a feel for them, before playing for real. After that, I would tell them if they still have questions, to simply call our toll-free Customer Service Department and they will be well taken care of.

    BWorld: What is yourlong term strategic plan to survive in the increasingly competitive environment of online gaming?

    JS: Sportbet and Island Casino plan on continuing to do what we have been doing all along. We are not concerned about other shops and other books. We are concerned about our players, their needs, and providing a financially sound wagering environment. As long as we can continue to do that, we know that we will maintain our position at the top of the Offshore Gaming ladder.

    Many thanks to Mr. Slater for providing us with such valuable information about their operation and the industry in general. If anyone has any questions, they can contact us at [email protected] or at [email protected] or [email protected]