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    Does anyone have any info on this book?


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    There's a guy named Joe Gallagher involved with this place. He's been involved with at least one book in the past that flat out stiffed players.

    I would stay far away from this place unless the day comes where they have been around 5 years as opposed to a few months.


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      What was the name of the book that he was involved with before? Was it one with a name similar to ParlayCard? I may know what you are talking about.


      Definitely stay away from anyone without a track record of a couple of years in this day and age. A new book that pops up as a "sister book" of another book can be a good or bad thing. They may be backed by a big name, but could also be a sign that the main book is trying to farm additional business to make up for a slowing cash flow.

      There ARE exceptions for this and the guys at BW would be able to give you further details if you wanted to ask.

      There are plenty of good books with great track records out there! Stick to the tried and true!


      • #4 was slow paying a couple of weeks ago. Their site was down and they were no where to be found.

        As a matter of fact, a company they were affiliated with, I cant recall the name, but it had numbers in the title, when blly up and flat out stiffed some players!

        Stay away.


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          It wasn't was it??? If so they did go belly up. ParlayCard said they had completely severed all ties. does anyone have any more information on this?


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            The only good thing about is they have a catch name. Not enough to make me play there though. I'll pass for now.


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              Yep ParlayCard was affiliated with and the latter folded up shop. ParlayCard's site was nowhere to be found for weeks and the re-appeared.

              They have the best parlay odds I've seen and I do like some of the features of the site. I have a small balance there just to have some fun with.
              As Always - Good Luck,



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                When they disappeared, it was because of the problem with I think they had been hosted on the same servers. They then made a big announcement that they had entirely separated their operations, but if they had ever been tied together financially, there are problems.


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                  It still says that they are associated with Play121 Ltd. in England on their site. Aren't they out of business entirely?