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Good News, Leach Bill fails to pass in Senate

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  • Good News, Leach Bill fails to pass in Senate
    By Paul

    As was widely predicted, H.R.556 – the “Leach Bill”, which would have effectively outlawed Internet gambling within the US – has failed to pass in the US Senate. The Senate recessed last Thursday, and will reconvene briefly in November to work on specific issues like the Homeland Security bill. At the moment, there is no plan to consider the Leach bill.
    This means that, barring unforeseen moves by Leach, who could try to attach the language into a larger bill, the whole process will have to start again, with another attempt to pass the bill through the house of representatives before going before the Senate again.
    J. Daniel Walsh, Vice President of Williams Mullen Strategies, a consultancy working with Internet gaming interests, was guardedly optimistic that the online casino industry has seen off the latest threat:” Obviously, we will still
    have to be on our guard -- Kyl or Leach could try to sneak the Leach bill
    into something larger -- but at this point, I'd have to say that it's
    unlikely that they could succeed… In short, I think we've survived the 107th Congress.”
    Meanwhile, it seems that there is no great public will to ban internet gambling – a recent CNN poll asked: “Should gambling on the Internet be banned?” 76% voted No, with only 24% voting yes, out of a total of 2469 votes.

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      Yeah, baby!



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        Everyone stay aware and contact their senator just in case. There are reports that the White House wants this bill pushed through at the last minute just like what happened with the House vote.


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          All of you have great comments, but I WILL SAY IT ONE MORE TIME, Off-shore Books are here to stay. Pass all the laws you want to. I think Federal Government and State Governments have passed laws against Drugs and Whores, but they are here to stay.

          The only thing that would ruin off-shore book making is if you could gamble in USA. People would rather post up money in US than some foreign country.


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            I agree with Steve, they aren't going anywhere. But what Steve is missing is that so many of the casual, recreational players would not play offshore if the law passed. Sure, the hard core players would, but without all the small guys, many of these shops would suffer greatly.