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AllProBets - Money Fantasy Basketball League - 1 spot open

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  • AllProBets - Money Fantasy Basketball League - 1 spot open

    There is one spot remaning in's Fantasy Basketball League: Here is all the info:

    You are invited to the fourth annual Fantasy Basketball League. Last season the prize money was well over $3000 for our ten person league. This year we anticipate the league prize to surpass $4000. The winner of the league will also recieve a full year's subscription to, valued at $500.

    This year we have added a few changes to our rules to promote more owner activity. Here's how it works: There will be 10 teams total in the league, each drafting 13 players. Each team must draft at least 2 Forwards, 2 Guards, and 1 Center. The remaining 8 players can be of any position. Teams will have the option to update their lineup everyday, that way they can fill their starting lineup and accumulate more points. If you have a full lineup it must consist of at least 1 center, 2 guards, and 2 forwards. Each week a team will be matched up against another team in the league and compete for 9 possible wins. The team with the most points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FG %. FT %, three pointers made, and least amount of turnovers get a win for each category won. For example, if Team A has more points and rebounds than Team B, but Teams B has more of every other category, then Team A would go 2-7 for the week. This year the initial buy in was lowered from $150 to $115. That money is NOT an entry fee, but rather a contribution to the prize pot. At the end of the season the three teams with the best win / loss record will receive a portion of the total cash prize, last year it was well over $3000, and this year with the new rules we expect to surpass $4,000.

    There is a $115 entry fee, but $103 of that money goes to the prize pot. The remaining $12 is used to pay for the hosting online software for the league.

    1st Place - 70% 2nd Place - 20% 3rd Place - 10%

    Any player not on a fantasy team is considered a free agent and can be picked up. Free agents are acquired by bidding on a player. The bids must be submitted to the commissioner by 11 pm pacific time the day before you wish to acquire him. At that point whoever has bid the highest will receive that player, but he must also drop another player to create an open roster spot. The minimum bid for a player is $3. All money generated from bids go into the final prize pot.

    Trades are also encouraged. The cost for a trade is $3 per player. However, if 6 of 10 teams find a trade is too one sided, then the trade will be vetoed. Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated! Again, the money generated from trades will go into the final prize pot.

    All funds will be collected via neteller. The funds must be sent to the fantasy account within 5 days of the winning bid, or the owners team will be frozen and no roster moves will be accepted. All players will have access to view the fantasy account at anytime, but for obvious reasons will not be allowed to withdraw funds.

    The draft will take place Sunday, October 27th at 2 pm eastern time.

    The league will vote on any rules changes regarding the scoring before the draft.

    The spots usually fill up fast, so think of a team name and contact Mark Carmona, at [email protected] if you are interested. We look forward to seeing you in our league.

    If you have questions regarding the league please contact:

    Mark Carmona
    [email protected]